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Steam turbine manufacturing involves many different components and stages of assembly, all of which require the highest levels of precision and care. Because the quality and durability of the finished product relies heavily upon the mechanical integrity of the materials used, we deploy latest techniques when manufacturing our components, including rotors, casings, blades, oil seal holders and labyrinth packing.

All of our turbines are subjected to thorough and regular quality checks, in which their safety, integrity and precision are rigorously tested. In fact, Triveni is one among a few turbine manufacturers who examines its machinery using mechanical steam run tests. Because of these comprehensive checks, we can guarantee the highest quality in each and every one of our products before they are shipped to the site. This ensures that not only is the mechanical integrity of our product is of the highest order, but that they also meet the most stringent standards with respect to over-speed limits in no load conditions and other aspects of operational safety.

  • Mechanical integrity
  • Tolerance
  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
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