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Our parent company has extensive working experience with the operations and maintenance (O&M) of both Triveni and non-Triveni machinery. As such, you can rest assured that we are fully qualified to provide comprehensive O&M services in every sector of your plant.

We tailor our O&M approach to the individual circumstances of each plant we visit, allowing us to meet your unique needs and achieve complete customer satisfaction. After working closely with the plant’s owners, supervisors and management team, we will identify your long-term objectives and implement a customised O&M plan designed to achieve your goals in your particular power plant.

We are also able to provide full onsite training to familiarise your employees with the new strategies and teach them how to attain your maximum potential.

Among other O&M services, we currently offer:

  • Complete plant staff recruitment
  • Daily running and maintenance of the plant
  • Monitoring, analysis and diagnostics of the plant, both localised and remote
  • Full onsite training packages
  • Environmental health and safety classes
  • Site certification
  • Procedure development
  • Digitalised maintenance programme, tailor-made to suit your plant
  • Economic fuel management plans

Using our services will allow you to optimise your energy consumption while maximising your power production, thus meeting your financial goals. All of our services come with performance guarantees, giving you peace of mind and full confidence in the potential of your plant.

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