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At Triveni, we have a number of unique selling points which set us apart from the competition and make us so much more than just a supplier of steam turbines.

  • An Emphasis on the Client

    Everybody’s business is different. At Triveni, we take the time to fully understand your specific circumstances, tailoring our services to meet your needs. Not only can we provide bespoke turbines tailor-made to fit any application, but all of our units are specifically designed to accommodate:

    • Fluctuations in grid frequency
    • Load throw-off
    • Rising and falling power demands
    • Operasi beban sebagian, dengan efisiensi yang dioptimalkan
    • Optimal energy recovery
    • Maximum agility, efficiency and power
    • Optimised efficiency for partial load operation
    • Low inlet temperature and pressure
    • Multiple valves for safe and precise control
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Expertise

    We have gained international plaudits for our high-quality products which come customisable and cost-effective, combining value with performance. We currently manufacture around 150 turbines per year and have installed over 2,500 since our inception and we make continuing efforts to expand our operations, including branching out into the UK and European markets. We manage to stay ahead of the competition for the following reasons:

    • Our streamlined manufacturing process
    • An emphasis on innovation and technology, financed by significant investment
    • In-house core construction and cost-effective out-sourcing of non-core components, ensuring a balance between quality and value
    • Our dedication to meet deadlines, reduce downtime and achieve customer satisfaction consistently sees rapid returns on investments (ROIs)
  • Shorter Lead Time

    Our commitment to providing you with the fastest, most accomplished and comprehensive service means that we cause minimal disruption and maximum productivity in your workplace. Our experience, workforce, technology and excellent customer service ensures our lead times remain shorter than the competition.

  • 24/7 Customer Service

    Our emphasis on customer satisfaction, along with a dedicated team of 180 service employees, allows us to reply to all queries within 24 hours and resolve as many concerns possible within 48 hours. Such an unbeatably rapid response places us at the forefront of customer service capability.

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