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Do you have an old turbine that looks destined for the scrap heap? Don’t be so hasty – perhaps Triveni can help! Our extensive experience in refurbishing and restoring aging turbines can inject a new lease of life into the machinery and help it to recover or even surpass its previous performance parameters. Our full range of refurbishment services includes:

  • Recovery or improvement of efficiency
  • Renovation and modernisation (R&M) service
  • Reverse engineering
  • Re-engineering
  • A complete health assessment
  • Overhauling
  • Annual maintenance contracts (AMCs) for every type and model of steam turbine

Our unparalleled experience and knowledge in the steam turbine sector allows us to offer comprehensive refurbishment for turbines up to 300MW, regardless of age or model. After conducting a rigorous inspection and assessment of the condition of the turbine (often incorporating metallurgical testing to expose wear and tear of the apparatus), our team will be able to recommend a strategy for refurbishment and implement it quickly and effectively.
In fact, because of our access to high-performance manufacturing tools and our network of experienced and dedicated engineers, we are able to reduce expenses incurred due to downtime and breakdowns. Meanwhile, our research and development (R&D) team, which is comprised of 100 experienced personnel, is well-placed to handle all specifications and requirements, regardless of the circumstances.
Triveni’s refurbishment services are a cost-effective alternative to replacing machinery with new units and can improve reliability, increase efficiency and reduce operational expenses in the long run.

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